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The latest Soundtracks & original scores from Santi Vega in Itunes and digital platforms already available. May 2017.

"Cantabrico, The Domains Of The Brown Bear" open in Theaters on March 31 2017. Madrid.

"Isla Mujeres, 25 years". January 2017.

"Mangroves Of The Mayan World" it´s already finished and it´s going to be distributed worldwide by National Geographic. Madrid August 2016.

"Hernán Cortés, A Man Between God And The Devil" premieres at the International Film Festival of Guadalajara, Mexico. FICG31, March 3-14, 2016.

The Original Score for "The Theater Beyond" is nominated for Goya Awards. Madrid 2015.

"Los Conciertos De La2". Orchestra Music For Film including "Pangea" from Santi Vega. Rtve Orchestra conducted by Claudio Ianni.